The University has links with institutions based outside Ethiopia. The purpose of the link ranges from initiating joint programs to undertaking specific projects.




Date of signing: 24 January 2015


Purpose of MOU: Is intended to facilitate a collaborative program of research, training, curriculum, institutional development, information dissemination and exchange of faculty, students and staff.


  • MOU between Africa Graduate University-Sierra Leone


Date of Signing: 17 April 2014


Purpose of MOU: To collaborate and jointly purpose training, research and business opportunities that is relevant and mutually beneficial;


- To define the basis for collaboration between the parties in areas of training, curricula design, training material development, training deliver, program monitoring and evaluation, and any other initiatives agreed upon;


  • MOU between SMU and Bounce Academy DINDIGUL, Tamilnadu, INDIA


Date of signing: 6 December 2014


Purpose of MOU: Is intended to facilitate a collaborative program of research, training, curriculum, institutional development and information dissemination.




  • MOU between SMU and The National Graduate school of Quality Management


Date of signing: 28 August 2014


Purpose of MOU: Collaborate together for the purpose of offering Quality System Management training and education programs to students in Ethiopia. This partnership reflects SMU's and NGS' commitment to promoting economic prosperity, civil responsibility, and corporate and community leadership through education.


  • MOU between SMU and Marshall University


Date of signing: 25 May 2013


Purpose: Is to afford students from St. Mary’s the opportunity to take undergrad course work leading to a BBA degree to Marshall University.Transfer program in business developed to accommodate Students in obtaining Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration from St. Mary’s University(SMU).


  • MOU between SMU and INTER-ED, Summer Ave. Artesia, California, USA


Date of Signing: 20 September 2013


Purpose of MOU: Establish links with universities in the USA;


Recruit Ethiopian students who want to pursue their studies in the USA; and


Exchange academic resources as may be applicable to the respective institutions.


  • MOU between SMU and Africa Unbound


Date of Signing: 26 February 2013


Purpose of MOU: Is to join hands in supporting young people in unveiling their talent and become innovative and undertake initiatives.


  • MOU between SMU and AMIDEAST


Date of Signing: 08 October 2011


Purpose: Is to implement the English Access Micro Scholarship Program, which provides a foundation of English language skills to bright, economically disadvantaged young students worldwide through after school and intensive programming.



Date of signing: 23 August 2010


Purpose of MOU: To set up a football analysis center in Ethiopia this will be located within SMUC at the initial phase of the program.


  • MOU between SMU and IntEnt, the Netherlands.


Date of signing: 06 June 2010


Purpose of MOU: Setting up an entrepreneurship center in Ethiopia that can co-work with IntEnt’s own tuition program which includes encouraging and assisting the Diaspora living abroad to invest in their country of origin.


  • MOU between SMU and The Association of African Universities(AAU)


Date of signing: 15 July 2010


Purpose of MOU: To develop an institutional HIV/AIDS & anti-Sexual Harassment Policy for the University in accordance with the project description in the application with the same name received and registered by the Association of African Universities (AAU).


  • Agreement Between SMU and KarRox Technologies Ltd, India


Date of signing: 24 March 2009


Purpose: To offer specialized IT training within the premise of SMU. Training areas chosen are: A+, N+, C, C++, SQL Server 2005 Admin, SQL Server 2005 imple MCPD Net, Core Java, Advance Java, MCSE 2003, MS Office 2007.


Date of signing: 12 November 2009

Purpose of MOU: To provide for cooperation on academic activities of the two institutions that will strengthen mutual understanding, foster friendly cooperation, and to promote sustainable and productive academic collaboration and exchange between faculty, Students and research of both parties in integrated learning programs.

Date of Exchange: March 2009

Purpose of MOU: SMU and OSU have exchanged a letter of intent expressing their wishes to engage in such activities as training, research and staff- student exchange. This is expected to grow into an MOU as the discussion between the two institutions has continued for the same purpose.

  • MOU between SMU and New Business School, Amsterdam, The Netherlands


Date of signing: 25 May 2007


Purpose of MOU: Both parties agree to actively promote academic exchange and cooperation. And to seek close academic contact and cooperation between both parties.


Date of Signing: 19 May 2006

Purpose of MOU: To offer post-graduate programs of IGNOU in Ethiopia. Through this scheme, SMU runs 9 programs of studies under its School of Graduate Studies.

  • Affiliation Agreement between SMU and St. Mark and St. John, Plymouth, England

Date of Signing: 20 January 2002

Purpose of MOU: Establishing a program of cooperation to benefit the respective educational institutions.

-To promote the development of joint curriculum and staff activities, and other educational programmes of mutual interest.

  • MOU between SMU and Al Zaiem Al Azhari University(AAU-Sudan)

Purpose of MOU: The areas of cooperation include, subject to mutual consent, any programme offered at either institution as felt desirable and feasible. The assistance to be provided by each of the contracting parties will include teaching, research, exchange of faculty and students, and staff development etc, as deemed beneficial by the two institutions.

  • MOU between SMU and Sudan Academy of Science

Purpose of MOU: Is to provide for cooperation on academic activities of the two institutions that will strengthen mutual understanding, foster friendly cooperation, and to promote sustainable and productive academic collaboration and exchange between faculty, students and research on both of the parties in integrated learning programs.