The 11th Annual Multi-disciplinary Seminar was held at St. mary’s undergraduate campus here in Addis Ababa on August 24, 2017. Organized and sponsored by the Research and Knowledge Management Office, SMU, the one-day Seminar brought together professionals of diverse disciplines to present papers in their areas of expertise. They were drawn from Woldiya University, Sheba University College Assosa University, BahirDar University, Haramaya University, Jimma University, Debre Tabor University and St. Mary’s University.


A total of 16 papers were presented, which cover topics related to finance, sociology, rural development, Chemistry and language. While participants actively took part in the discussions, some of the papers caught their attention much more than others. Among these was the one on the “practice of cleaning and disinfecting water storage tanks in Addis Ababa,” which, according to the researcher, remains far away from what may be required to get safe drinking water. His presentation was supported by a video clip, which demonstrated the toxic dregs at the bottom of household and business water tanks, which were not handled by the proper hygienic procedures. St. Mary’s organizes and sponsors one international and three national research events annually.