Financial Boot Camp1

St. Mary’s E4Impact MBA program team has successfully conducted the Mid Boot Camp - Financial Boot Camp for the first edition students from May 14-19, 2018. Professor Amir Tewfik offered the Financial Planning course which aimed to help students check the financial viability of their businesses and to design applicable financial models. As the students commented at the end of the Boot Camp, the course has helped them to do a reality check on their business assumptions.

During the week on the guest speaker session, Melaku Bahru, founder and Managing Director of Berry Advertising, spent an hour and half with the students sharing his own experience. At the end of the session, students had a brief question and answer session.

The Boot Camp was concluded on the 19th of May with 18 students pitching the financials of their businesses in front of a jury. Berhane Abrha – founder of Sun Optics, Getachew Melaku General Manager of Ed Stelar and NebiyouYirga, a notable startup businesses coach, were amongst the invited juries. Professor Amir, David Chebroyot from East Africa Manager for E4Impact Foundation and Simon Abay from SMU School of Graduate Studies were a team of the jury in a panel pitching session two.

Tarekegn Garomssa with the business Tila Casava Starch Processing from panel one and Eskinder Andargachew of Mirkuz, an online events platform, were declared winners of their respective panels. Finally, both were asked to pitch their financial models to the plenary and Tarekegn Garomssa was named Financial Model Super Star.

Financial Boot Camp2