Dear prospective graduates,

Congratulations! This moment of great joy brings with it the end of the first phase of your university life. You now get relieved of the arduous work of assignments, which may have compromised your spare time, leaving little or no time for enjoyment with friends. Looking back what you did on campus, you may recall the activities you got involved in; not considering the ones that took place in the classroom. They are numerous indeed. The different faces you encountered beginning from your first year, may have put you in a setting alien from the one you had during your high school years. But as time went on, you adjust yourself to the campus environment. In flashback, for some time to come, you are to recount with fellow friends the experiences you had throughout your campus years. Wherever your next stop may be, your university experience will definitely leave an indelible mark in your life.


While your university days exposed you to coursework, you are now to witness what the world of work is like off campus. Of course, you had some experience during the time that you spent on internship. That may have given you a glimpse of what work was like in an organizational setting. But now you are to immerse in it by having a job to perform on your own; whether you are to be self-employed or get employment in an organization. Some of the academic and social skills that you got from campus life may help you to cope with the new challenges. Yet, you need to be prepared for experiences that go counter to the theories that you read in books while doing your coursework. The new reality you are to face requires reflections, adjustment, and critical thinking that may have a lasting effect on where your journey will take you. Still, you need to be strong enough not to compromise your integrity for short term gains that may be derived from unethical practices.


What you have gained from St. Mary’s have been academic and nonacademic knowledge and skills that you would make use of in your future career with the highest wisdom. You need to be networked with your cohorts and former graduates of St. Mary’s University. Your path to the future will surely be as bright as you desired it to be. Wishing you all the best in your future career!


Wondwosen Tamrat (Associate Professor)

Founder and President of St. Mary’s University