Career and Internship Unit 

The Career and Internship Unit has been in operation since 2004, taking two major responsibilities: organizing, coordinating and monitoring the internship, career and placement activities for students in the Undergraduate Studies and offering career orientation and development services to facilitate employability of new graduates. To discharge these responsibilities, the Unit works closely with different Government, Non-government and private companies and employers.  

The Career and Internship Unit has the responsibility to:

  • Coordinate, manage, and monitor the internship program through creating link and partnership with stakeholders and collaborators in the business areas;
  • Enable students to successfully complete their off-campus professional practice during internship;
  • Carry out field visits in the different directions of Addis Ababa to check interns’ attendance and active engagement in the host companies; 
  • Carry out evaluative study on the internship, career and placement programs practiced every year and extract important recommendations from the study for feedback;
  • Ensure student placement for internship takes place in such a way students would gain relevant and quality professional practice;
  • Initiate, organize and facilitate career development programs and activities; 
  • Create awareness programs on entrepreneurship for career club members and students;
  • Provide training for prospective graduates on employability and communication skills, CV and application writings, professional ethics and employers’ interest;
  • Provide professional guidance and counseling services to those students having personal, internship, career orientation and development, and job hunting related problems;  
  • Organize events such as job fair to prospective graduates to connect them with companies and employers in face-to-face to facilitate opportunities for employment;
  • Facilitate employment of graduates in different business companies, government and non-government organizations in Ethiopia;        
  • Conduct tracer studies on graduates to document the employability, transition to employment and measure the degree of satisfaction of graduates with respect to the services they received from the University;
  • Perform any other duty assigned to him/her by the EVP.



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