MOU between SMU and Sri Venkateswara Group of Educational Institutions, Chittoor under Jawaharlal Nehru Technological University, India

Date of signing: 4 July 2017

Purpose of MOU: enhance academic relations between the two universities and develop academic exchange in the area of education and research.

MOU between SMU and RASA Management & Recruitment Consultancy Private Limited(RASA), India

Date of signing: 10 March 2017

Purpose of MOU: to offer, under the joint Education Program within SMU, such courses identified by the SMU, to develop the use of information and communication technologies for education through an appropriate staff development and research assistance programme.

MOU between SMU and Almaahad Almutagadem Specialized Computer Training Center(AASCTC) , Kharoum, Sudan

Date of signing: 29 August 2016

Purpose of MOU: to facilitate the use of the supercomputer especially of Almaahad Almutagadem Specialized Computer Training Center(AASCTC) for staff who would register for their PhDs at Suda­nese university.

MOU between SMU and University of Cattolica Del Sacro Coure, Milan, Italy

Date of signing: 21 June 2016)

Purpose of MOU: facilitating all the exchanges and cooperation initiative embarked upon by the two institutions within the scope of teachings and research, and the development of common academic programs, involving the academic ( faculties, departments, institutes, Graduate School) and administrative units

MOU between SMU and Global E-Schools and Communities Initiative (GESCI)

Date of signing: 31 May 2016

Purpose of MOU: offer a programme of study, namely the Master’s of Science in Leadership Development in ICT and Knowledge Society, on blended mode, through the Scholl of Graduate Studies of SMU with a post-graduate Diploma exit route. In addition, SMU shall offer the Master’s of top up course for the qualified Alumni of the African Leadership in information and Communication Technology (ALICT) course with the fee arrangement directly made between SMU and the ALICT Alumni.

MOU between SMU and Satchikitsa Prasarak Mandal(Ethio Skills)

Date of signing: 6 October 2016

Purpose of MOU: enhancing, within the country, the availability of highly qualified manpower in the area skilled education.

MOU between SMU and the Open University of Tanzania (OUT), Tanzania

Date of signing: 14 January 2016

Purpose of MOU: advancing and promoting collaborative research, skills and students and staff exchange programmes through a comprehensive training programme that will develop strong bridges between theory and practice in the two universities.

MOU between SMU and ALTIS – Graduate School of Business, Universita Cattolica del Sacro Coure, Italy.

Date of signing: No date, 2016

Purpose of MOU: to facilitate exchange and cooperation initiatives within the scope of teaching and research, and the development of common academic programs, involving the Academic (Faculties, departments, institutes, Graduate School) and administrative Units.

MOU between SMU and the University of Hargeisa (Somali Land)    

Date of signing: No date

Purpose of MOU: to facilitate academic and research cooperation between the parties based upon the principles of mutual benefits.

MOU between SMU and Lamworld Technologies (PTY) Ltd. , Gaborone, Botswana

Date of signing: 29 July 2015

Purpose of MOU: to clearly identify the roles and responsibility of each party as relate to the establishment of a commercial calibration and support services facility that will serve local industries.

MOU between SMU and IESEG School of Management Lille and Paris, France (IESEG)

Date of signing: 17 April 2015

Purpose of MOU: to recognize the importance of an international experience in the education and development of their students and professors and wish to provide their students and professors with the opportunity of studying and working in an international environment.

MOU between SMU and Africa Digital Library Support Network (ADLSN), Amsterdam, the Netherlands.  

Date of signing: 2014

Purpose of MOU: implementing short course trainings and workshop on digital Repository.


National Links

MOU between SMU and Ethiopian Institute of Architecture, Building Construction and City Development, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

Date of signing: 11 November 2015

Purpose of MOU: to further relations between the two institutions in education, research, trainings, services, and other related activities.

MOU between SMU and Intercontinental Addis Hotel, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

Date of signing: 22 June 2017

Purpose of MOU: to work together to identify the needs of the Intercontinental Addis Hotel (IAH) toward developing and development continuous professional development training; provide practical training for SMU students in the areas of tourism, hospitality and hotel management; promote joint research and knowledge management in the specified areas; and do exemplary work toward strengthening university-industry linkage in such a way that both parties would be able to meet their respective objectives to contribute to the creation and maintenance of the quality of education and service provision.