Efficiency in using time, material and human resources by designing  ways and means to reduce cost and enhance optimal use of resources;

Excellence (individual, team and organizational) in undertaking teaching, research and community services;

High regard for students (as they are future leaders and professionals) and staff (because the very existence of SMUC depends on the performance, diligence and integrity of every academic and support staff);

Integrity while performing duties, exercising rights and learning from mistakes and good practices of oneself and others;

Positive thinking towards the achievability of SMU’s vision, mission, institutional goals and specific objectives;

Quality and standards by putting in place and observing pertinent quality assurance,  monitoring and evaluation mechanisms;

Self-initiative to achieve SMU’s vision, mission, goals, objectives and values, and to creatively formulate institutional tasks;

Teamwork and team spirit among members of the academic staff, support staff and students;

Tolerance towards free expression of views and ideas, interpersonal relations based on equality and fairness, and appreciation of diversity and maintenance of an atmosphere of mutual respect;

Transparency, trustworthiness and accountability in the performance of all tasks, goals and objectives of the University and responsiveness to feedback, peer review, monitoring, evaluation and sustained personal and institutional development towards excellence