SMU has various campuses where most of its programs are run.


Mexico Campus

Most of the regular and extension programs are offered at Mexico Campus where, the Executive Vice President's office and the Academic V/President's and other offices of the faculties of Business, and Informatics are located. Moreover, various offices providing services to the student body are also housed in this campus.

Main Campus

The Main campus located 300 meters below the Federal Police Head quarters in Mexico square houses the School of Graduate Studies, the head quarters of the university and the college of open and distance learning.

The overall distance provision is coordinated and managed from the Main Campus where the College of Open and Distance Learning is located although there are currently more than 140 coordinating centers of distance education through out the country. This campus also houses the office of the President, the V/P for Open and Distance Learning,  the V/P for Business and Administration and the School of Graduate Studies.