Faculty of Informatics

Faculty of Informatics at School of Graduate Studies was established in 2015 by launching a post-graduate program in Computer Science. The current program aimed at preparing graduates for careers in a wide variety of areas in the application of computer science to science, engineering, industry, and business. The common types of applications include data analysis using data science and data mining techniques, mobile and pervasive computing, computer graphics and image processing, natural language processing and computer and network security. 

The Master’s program  in Computer Science, which is a two-year program, can provide many new opportunities and enables graduates to design and analyze new computer systems and engage in research in contemporary areas including artificial intelligence, mobile and pervasive computing, etc. It also enables graduates to understand the business side of bringing cutting-edge solutions to market while exposing them to entrepreneurship. The graduate program in Computer Science prepares students to be leaders in this new technological wave. 

The Faculty admits students twice a year (Semester I and semester II) through rigorous selection methods that involve fulfilling all the requirements set by the University’s School of Graduate Studies and an entrance exam. 


The faculty has planned to launch additional programs in the areas of Information Systems (IS) and Business Information Systems (Business Informatics) in the coming academic years.



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