Duties and Responsibilities of Center Management Office

Center Management Offices has the following Duties and Responsibilities:

      • Planning the resources needed for the College and executing it upon approval;
      • Preparing the term and annual reports of the College and submitting it to the CODL V/President;
      • Taking part in the management committee of CODL representing the College;
      • Intervening with students problems when they are not resolved by pertinent office heads;
      • Upgrading coordination centers to the next or upper level based on their student statistics;
      • Responding to problems and questions raised by Regional Coordination Centers (RCCs), Cluster Coordination Centers (CCCs), Coordination Centers(CCs) and Agent Offices (AOs) ;  
      • Evaluating and approving the proposal prepared by RCCs, CCCs & AOs to open new agent offices;
      • Overseeing the overall affairs and activities in the CODL;
      • Monitoring the activities of all coordination centers;
      • Conducting performance appraisal of the staff of Coordination Centers;
      • Evaluating the request of facilities by RCCs, CCCs & AOs and taking appropriate measures;
      • Planning field visit programs and preparing supervision reports;
      • Requesting for & following up the provision of human resources, Office furniture, equipment and logo stands for new Agent Offices;
      • Evaluating field visit reports prepared by Center Management Office, Regional Coordination Centers (RCCs) and Cluster Coordination Centers (CCCs) Coordinators to taking appropriate actions;
      • Performing all other related duties assigned to the office.