Faculty of International Programs

The Faculty of International Programs (FIP) of St. Mary’s University (SMU), which coordinated Master’s programs of Indira Gandhi National Open University since 2006, was reestablished as such to manage the overall operations of the diverse international postgraduate programs in 2016. Following the reestablishment, FIP expanded its outreach to international programs SMU runs in collaboration with several foreign universities. The Faculty provides access to quality higher education flexibly thus allowing learners to pursue their education without being limited by space and time to cater for learners’ needs.

The FIP is responsible to facilitate and serve as primary point-of-contact for international programs. It is responsible for planning, execution and development, coordination and facilitation of academic counseling of students’ tutorials, continuous assessments, examinations, project works and field practicum. It also gives advisory services to students. The Faculty is also responsible for establishing and maintaining professional networks with relevant national and international institutions to initiate new areas of studies while maintaining the existing programs’ smooth operation and educational qualities.


The Faculty runs more than 10 graduate programs partnering with different international Higher Leaning Institutions. The Faculty, in partnership with Indira Gandhi National Open University (IGNOU), a leading distance education provider in India, has been offering diverse postgraduate programs in Ethiopia since 2006. These programs include Masters of Business Administration, Masters in Public Administration, Masters in Sociology, Masters in Social Work, Masters of Commerce, Masters in Economics, Masters in Political Science, and Masters in Rural Development. 

The Faculty also runs a unique executive MBA in Impact Entrepreneurship in partnership with Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore (UCSC) of Milan, Italy, which was launched in May 2017. The MBA program gives a unique platform for Ethiopian entrepreneurs and would-be entrepreneurs to start or scale up their businesses. The program adopts a tai­lor-made approach focused on developing partic­ipants’ project into successful business venture and helps them develop business models, busi­ness plans and presentations to raise funds. The program also provides students one-to-one mentoring and chances to present their business to investors. The MBA program adopts a flexible approach to allow active and aspiring entrepreneurs to do their study without affecting their regular work. 

The Faculty of International Programs, in partnership with the Open University of Tanzania (OUT), has launched master’s programs as of January 2020 in the fields of Project Management, International Cooperation and Development, Economics, and Human Resource Management.   


To be admitted to any of the postgraduate programs under the Faculty of International Programs, students are required to have Bachelor’s degree from an accredited higher education institution in any field of study, except the postgraduate programs offered in partnership with the Open University of Tanzania (OUT), which require candidates to have undergraduate degree in Economics or Statistics.



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