Dear Graduates,
It is with great pleasure that the University community joins you in celebrating this momentous day, which marks the completion of the first journey of your educational experience at St. St. Mary’s University. Your higher education exposure does not necessarily stop in this first journey since some of you may still aspire for pursuing your further studies to broaden your knowledge and skills; while others have the desire to start work and take a break for a while. In both cases, there is one key element of life experience that an educated person cannot live without; reading. Unless you become a serious reader on areas of your interest, you will certainly lag behind your friends who may have chosen the path that would lead them to get abreast of the times.

The era we are in has brought with it diverse technologies, which have made communication easy and tasks less complex. If you use them wisely, they widen your opportunities for creating jobs and establish networks with friends near and far. However, if you make unwise use of them, they will have unintended negative effect on your journey to success. This is what we are witnessing in Ethiopia and elsewhere across the world today. The social media, geared by the digital technology, has become the main platform from which you get and exchange the information you might seek. Yet, it is the same platform that feeds you the wrong information and makes you accept what should have been unacceptable to the analytic mind. For instance, it is the social media that spreads the wrong information about COVID-19 pertaining to the use of masks, as if they are not useful. As a result, a sizeable number of young men and women do not want to follow the health protocols that are necessary to prevent the spread of the lethal virus. In this regard, I would like to advise you to strictly adhere to COVID-19 protocols wherever you may be and save the lives of your family members and fellow citizens.

Finally, since St. Mary’s University remains your Alma Mater, I advise you to continue networking with your fellow graduates and share with them the memories that you have had about St. Mary’s and the life experiences you are to go through after leaving it.
Wishing you the best in your future career!
Wondwosen Tamrat (PhD, Associate Professor)
Founder and President, St. Mary’s University