Establishment History

SMU launched the School of Graduate Studies (SGS) in 2009 so as to address the country’s needs for highly qualified, enthusiastic and diligent professionals in the labor market. The school runs Masters Programs in diverse areas of studies.

Areas of responsibility

Since its establishment in 2009, the SGS has been evolving and currently runs diversified local and international Master’s programs in both distance and conventional modes of learning. As part of its continuous improvement steps, the SGS revised its organizational structure making an Associate Vice President who is answerable to the Executive Vice President in Charge of the overall activities of the SGS.

There are five academic divisions under SGS, namely School of Business, Institute of Agriculture and Development Studies, Institute of Productivity and Quality Management, Faculty of Informatics and Faculty of International Programs. The operational activities of these divisions are managed by Deans who are accountable to the Associate Vice President. In the case of Faculty of Informatics, however, the Assistant Dean who is accountable to the Dean of the Faculty of Informatics reports to the Associate Vice President. In addition to these major divisions, there are supportive offices which work toward making students’ stay fruitful and enjoyable. The Student Support Service Office, which is directly accountable to the Associate Vice President, is one of these offices. The other office is the Office of the Associate Registrar which carries out student admission, progression, graduation and related functions. The Associate Registrar is accountable to the Chief Registrar but mainly conducts the functions of SGS.

Past and current engagements

The SGS engages itself in the running of diversified Master’s programs both at local and international levels. Currently, it runs the following programs at local level: MBA in General Management; MBA-with HRM Concentration; MBA in Accounting and Finance; Master’s in Project Management; MBA in Marketing Management; MA in Rural Development; MA in Quality and Productivity Management; MA in Development Economics; and MSc in Computer Science. Moreover, in partnership with Indira Gandhi National Open University (IGNOU), it runs the following international Master’s programs through distance mode: MBA (Masters of Business Administration), MSW (Master of Art in Social Work), MEC (Master of Arts in Economics), MPA (Master of Arts in Public Administration), MARD (Master of Arts in Rural Development), MSO (Master of Arts in Sociology), MPS (Master of Arts in Political Science), and MCOM (Master of Commerce). Furthermore, with a view to diversify its programs and provide a range of options for potential candidates, the SGS is to introduce an international program in MBA in Impact Entrepreneurship in partnership with Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore.


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