Student Support Services Office, School of Graduate Studies

The Student Support Services Office (SSSO) at the School of Graduate Studies was founded to promote students’ active engagement and involvement in teaching and learning process, support in building comprehensive student development and leadership opportunities and strengthening student-centered services, operations, and facilities development and leadership opportunities. The Office is the point of contact for graduate students, the right arm of the academic units in facilitation and coordination of diverse academic activities. It is a means of bridging to knowledge, skills, attitudinal and professional self-development. 

The Student Support Services Office of the School of Graduate Studies provides incessant support at every stage of graduate education, whether the student is having personal and academic problems that may deter to succeed in an academic performance, in addition to its commitment in offering an intensive academic counseling and training to help students complete their studies successfully. The Office offers guidance services and orientation to new entrants and hears students’ grievances and appeals and brings the same to Graduate Council (GC) for decision in a timely fashion. Organizing orientation programs for thesis I registered students, supporting and following students’ thesis writing and familiarizing students with the University’s policies, rules and regulations are also among the other core responsibilities of the Office. In addition, to enhance the academic skills of graduate students, the Office provides short-term training on SPSS Software, Academic Writing Enhancement, Questionnaire Design, Exploratory Data Analysis, Basic Statistics for Researchers, Presentation Skills and Basic Research Writing. Moreover, the Office is responsible for coordinating thesis writing and following the progress of graduate students’ thesis work. On top of that, it ensures the smooth running of examinations and class schedules. The office closely works with faculty, academic staff, students, and the University community at large in the creation of a fully integrated student educational experience.


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