St. Mary’s University holds the 13th National Multi-disciplinary Seminar 



St. Mary’s University held its 13th National Multi-disciplinary Seminar on 20 August 2021 virtually. The Seminar is one of the four annual research events St. Mary’s University organizes. This conference aimed at promoting innovation and the culture of knowledge transfer among academicians, researchers and practitioners in different disciplines. 



The Seminar was opened by a welcoming speech made by Wondwosen Tamrat (PhD, Associate Professor), Founder and President of St. Mary’s University. In his opening remarks, Dr. Wondwosen indicated that St. Mary’s University has strengthened its commitment to research despite the challenges it is facing following COVID-19. He thanked paper presenters and the organizing team for their dedication toward the realization of the Seminar. He expressed his hope that the ideas to be transpired would enable generation of solutions toward solving the problems identified. 



At the Seminar, 11 papers (five from SMU, and six from Selale University, Assosa University,  Debre Markos University,  Bahir Dar University, Ambo University and Ethiopian Biodiversity Institute, one from each institution), which have nation-wide implications, were presented and discussed. The papers presented at the Seminar covered different topics, including Agriculture, Law, Management, Economy, Accounting and Finance, Waste Management, Energy, Marketing, and Social Media, The presentations were followed by Question and Answer sessions, which added much value to the Seminar. The papers presented at the Seminar will be published in the Proceedings as has been the case for the last twelve years.

Finally, closing remarks were made by Ato Tedla Haile, Executive Vice President of St. Mary’s University, who appreciated and thanked the participants, paper presenters and the organizers for their relentless efforts to make the event a reality. 



The National Multi-disciplinary Seminar was launched 13 years ago with a view to create opportunities for scholars and practitioners to come together to deliberate on timely critical issues. 


St. Mary’s University will hold its 9th National Open and Distance Learning Seminar on August 21, 2021 and the 19th International Conference on Private Higher Education in Africa on September 02, 2021, the organizers reported. The University will also hold the 15th National Student Research Forum in mid-September 2021, they added.     


In attendance were St. Mary’s University staff and scholars and students from other higher education institutions.