The Language Resource Center (LRC) was created to supplement English language learning on campus through more interactive and individualized modes. In our center, students and staff can find learning materials suited for their specific level and interest.

The LRC hosts a variety of media for language learning. We are equipped with a reading library, English-learning CDs and transcripts, magazines, language reference guides and computers with internet connectivity. The center also provides tutoring, a bi-weekly film series and language workshops for students. Along with language improvement, an additional aim of the LRC is to encourage internet literacy and pleasure reading.

Staff and students are welcome to check out materials, use the internet and practice their communication skills with the full-time English instructor on duty. The LRC also invites participants to recommend materials and/or services they would like to see in the future. Our center is located at the undergraduate campus near to the Wabe Shebelle Hotel, in Building II, room 403. The hours are from 10:30AM to 6:00PM, Monday through Friday.