Director for Academic Affairs 

The Office of the Director for Academic Affairs at the Undergraduate Studies is an office entrusted with facilitating and ensuring the smooth running of academic teaching-learning, assessment and research. Reporting to the Executive Vice President, the Director for Academic Affairs is mandated to coordinate, follow up and supervise all academic activities at the Undergraduate Campus. 

The Director for Academic Affairs shall:

  • handle all student-related matters;
  • scrutinize class absenteeism reports before final decision is made by the EVP;
  • work with department heads and faculty deans to sort out students at risk;
  • sort out outstanding issues at the Registrar’s Office and bring forth proposed solutions;
  • oversee, in collaboration with heads of departments, whether classes and exams are held according to schedule;
  • follow up whether monthly activities are reported in conformity with annual plans;
  • follow up curricular review developments of the undergraduate programs;
  • work closely with departments to ensure whether students evaluate their instructors according to schedule;
  • propose ways and means of recognizing the achievements of outstanding instructors;
  • identify the support needed at the various offices and propose propping up mechanisms;
  • create a link with class representatives in collaboration with department heads and the   Student Support Services Office; and 
  • follow up whether student complaints are addressed by the pertinent offices;
  • carry out tasks assigned to him/her by the EVP.  



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