St Mary’s University has an established internal quality assessment system, which follows up improvements and informs the pertinent academic and administrative units the gaps that need to be narrowed and the good practices to be enhanced. To date, the institution has been audited twice by the Higher Education Quality Assurance Agency (HERQA). The first was in 2004 and the second in 2008. St.Mary's University was the first higher learning institution in Ethiopia to entertain an external quality audit process immediately after it requested for external assessment in 2004. Making significant improvement after getting the feedback in the first assessment, it applied to HERQA for another external audit in 2008, which took place in the same year and had the report published in March 2009. Striving for excellence, the University has laid down its quality enhancement plan and has been working hard to realize its stated objectives since the report was published by HERQA. bc1.jpg
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