St. Mary’s University’s Center for Educational Improvement and Quality Assurance (CEIQA), in collaboration with Quality Enhancement Committees (QECs) under the president's office, and the Business and Administrative Division, held an awareness creation session for Business Administration Office staff and QEC members on April 1, 2023 in the Syndicate Room. The session was run by Ato Shegaw G/ Medhin, Director of CEIQA.



During the event, it was disclosed that the sensitization program is intended to equip the staff with the knowledge of what quality assurance means for higher education, and how quality is maintained. It was organized to help the participants grasp the meaning and purpose of higher education quality assurance’s components: Accreditation, External Quality Assurance (EQA), and Internal Quality Assurance (IQA). More specifically, the Director dwelt on explaining about the quality assurance system and practices of SMU.