Office of the Executive Vice President 

The Executive Vice President (EVP) is in charge of overseeing the overall operations of the academic division comprising the conventional mode of learning. The EVP works with the senior leadership to develop and implement the University’s short and long-term strategic plans. The EVP is also entrusted with issues associated with recruiting, hiring, retention, promotion and performance of faculty. In addition to the academic departments, the EVP closely follows up and facilitates the activities of the Testing Center, the Office of the Registrar, the Student Support Services Office, the Career and Internship Unit, the ICT Development and Support Unit and the Library.  

Appointed by and reporting to the President, the EVP is responsible to:

  • oversee the overall academic activities of the University in the conventional mode of learning;
  • provide support to departments and faculties to promote excellence in teaching-learning and research;
  • ensure the preparation and administration of institutional standard exams by the Testing Center;
  • chair key senate standing committees and academic council meetings;
  • give support to and oversee the activities of the Student Support Services Office;
  • provide support to department chairs and/or faculty deans in implementing strategies and policies related to course and program development and teaching-learning and assessment issues;
  • organize and facilitate skills upgrading workshops and training for faculty and students;
  • work with the President and other Vice Presidents to promote diversity within the University and to support existing University programs designed to create a welcoming environment to everyone;
  • give support to institutional endeavors toward attaining the University’s goals;
  • recommend to the President the appointment and promotion of officers in line with institutional rules and regulations;
  • oversee the standards of student admissions are met;
  • promote the continued development of the University’s strategic plan and goals;
  • ensure that the staff members are engaged in community services;
  • in consultation with the pertinent academic heads, recruit and terminate contracts of the academic staff in the regular and extension divisions;
  • oversee the activities of all operational units reporting to the EVP;
  • liaise and establish contact with local and international institutions; 
  • facilitate the formulation and implementation of institutional plans at strategic and operational level; and
  • do some other duties as may be assigned by the President.


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