St. Mary’s University conducted a comprehensive orientation for new remedial program students who joined SMU in 2016 EC. The two-day event, held from January 3-4, 2024 at the Main Campus, consisted of six informative sessions. 

 Misraku Molla (Ph.D), Academic Vice President, welcomed the students and made detailed induction about the University’s expectations and the goals of the Remedial Program.


Manaye Adela, Head of the Department of Basic Courses, explained the curriculum, teaching methods, student assessments, academic rules, behavior standards, discipline, counseling services, student representation, and health advice. Moreover, he shed light on the availability of internet services, network infrastructure, online student responsibilities, and the Learning Management System (LMS). Furthermore, students were briefed about how to make the most out of the library’s extensive resources, encompassing both physical and digital materials. 


Solomon Bekele, Head of the Registrar’s Office, addressed key topics like registration processes, attendance policies, the academic calendar, ID card distribution, class assignments, and various support and communication methods.