St Mary’s University Center for Educational Improvement and Quality Assurance (CEIQA) shared its report on the 2015 E.C. annual performance of the Quality Enhancement Committees (QECs) on Friday, January 5, 2024, at the Syndicate room. The meeting was well-attended by QEC members, Department heads, Deans, Office heads, and top management members. 
After the introductory remarks by Shegaw G/Medhin, the Director of CEIQA, Nibretu Kebede (Ph.D.) presented the annual performance results of 13 QECs. 

The QECs then reflected on their achievements and challenges, followed by an open discussion session that provided valuable feedback and suggestions. 

The meeting concluded with Wondwosen Tamrat (Ph.D.), the President of SMU, commending the work done by CEIQA and emphasizing the importance of learning from the best practices of the different Committees.