Christmas celebration with elderly peoples in 2022G.C


Students day celebration

Students day celebration

st. Mary's university 2009 two round blood donation programs

Cleaning campaign


Nations and nationalities day celebrated


Color Day Celebration


Hospital visit


Hamlin Addis Ababa Festula hospital


Visit at Gergesenon home for the elderly and mentally disabled people center


Charity club visit noble cause elder and support


Tesfa kokebe primary school visited


Visit who have been afflicted by the landfill site accident in Koshe, Kolfe Keranio Kifle Kitema


Poem night includeing video


Ethiopian patriots day


 Visit to Mekedonia Home

St. Mary's University, Student Support Services Office organized an event to visit Mekedonia Home for the Elderly and Mentally Disabled on March 8, 2015.  The purpose of the visit was to donate used clothes for 100 individuals treated in the center.




Visit at Mahatma Gandhi Memorial Hospital

St. Mary's University, Students Support Services Office and the Student Union arranged a visit for 50 mothers admitted at the Gandhi Memorial Hospital on January 5, 2015. SUM Visit Mahatma Gandhi Memorial Hospital

Ethiopian Christmas celebrated with the disadvantaged

The Student Support Services Office together with the Social Support Forum of St. Mary’s University organized Ethiopian Christmas lunch for 20 students from Beyene Meried Primary School and 3 elders supported by the university on January 08, 2015 at the Green Campus of SMU. Ethiopian Christmas celebration SMU

Ethiopian Christmas celebration SMU

St. Mary’s University 2014 Cleaning Campaign

St. Mary’s University, Students Support Services Office organized the 2007  St. Mary’s cleaning campaign on November 21, 2014. The campaign was held around Mexico  area  by the motto of the year was “Tsidat Letenachen” and students, staffs, and Lideta Sub City Woreda 9 Administrative Office employees were participated in the event.Cleaning 2007 2


St. Mary’s University Hosted the Global Entrepreneurship Week

IMG 1080

St. Mary’s University Student Support Services Office, in collaboration with the Entrepreneurship Development Center (EDC)-Ethiopia, organized and colorfully celebrated the Global Entrepreneurship week on November 21, 2014 at Mexico campus at the weekly Friday Talk Show.

The Global Entrepreneurship Week (GEW) is the world’s largest celebration of innovators and job creators, who launch startups that bring ideas to life, drive economic growth and improve human welfare. The event was organized to inspire students through local, national, and global activities, and help them to explore and unleash their potential as innovators.

St. Mary’s University, as partner of Entrepreneurship Development Center (EDC) - Ethiopia (, organized the event in a manner that revealed the idea of innovation and confidence in the minds of the students. The event was opened by Mekdes Adane, SMU’s Student Support Services Office head, followed by the introductory remarks and briefing session on EDC& GEW by Yonatan Yilma, Marketing &PR Manager of EDC-Ethiopia.

In addition to this, papers on Entrepreneurs Based Concept Formulation were presented by Yalew Gorfu & Mehabaw Alemu, SMU. Finally, invited guests, Dr. Woretaw Bezabih, founder of Genius Entrepreneurship Training Center, and young university graduate entrepreneurs and Founders of Beteshama Shared their experiences with the audience.

St. Mary’s welcomed freshman students

At a gathering held on campus on October 31, 2014. The welcoming ceremony, being an annual event, aimed at inducting freshmen into the university community. At the event, poetry readings by Wudalat Gedamu and humor-laden essay by Binyam Ahmed were presented. Two artists, Nebyou Baye and Yohannes Tefera, shared their experiences and thoughts with the students in a question and answer session. Officiated by the Student Council and the Student Support and Services Office, the event entertained songs and folk dances, which added color to the ceremony.

SMUstudent welcome